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6 in 60: Your VHS Collection

Tracie Dahlke (Director/Ali) - is happy to be working with Roundhouse once again.  She has a BA in theater from Colgate University and has worked on various film and theater projects in Chicago.  Most recently Tracie was seen as Blaine in Predator the Musical and as the PA/stunt double in Point Break, Live! She is the owner of the Unicorn Café in Evanston (you should really come and visit) and is grateful for all the wonderful people in her life. 

Makha Mthembu (Zeddmore/Apollo Creed) is extremely delighted to be in her first Roundhouse Production and finally pursuing her never forgotten childhood dream of being a man. Mthembu is originally from Johannesburg South Africa, but received her Bfa in Acting, with an emphasis in movement, from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Some credits are Othello in Othello and Carol in Oleanna (Drake), Marcie in The Beebo Brinker Chronicles and The Mute in The Fantasticks (Stagewest Theatre Company), and Phebe in As You Like It (Repertory Theatre of Iowa). Mthembu is also an avid dance lover and has choreographed Stagewest’s production of The Fantasticks and at Drake, the original production The Places You’ll Go!, which was an adaptation of the beloved Dr. Seuss book of the same name. Mthembu’s hobbies include food, yoga, cooking, dance and eating. Mthembu would like to thank Roundhouse for seeing past her feminine allure, her mother for her patience and what’s his face for his constant support.

Ally Reinke (Director/Louis Tully/Action Team) - Recently had the pleasure of playing Ms. Pink in Roundhouse Productions all female Reservoir Dogs.  She would like to thank the Roundhouse crew for giving her another chance to kick some ass and have a blast on stage! Sit back, relax, crack open that beer, and enjoy this crazy ride!

Liz Goodson (Slimmer/Janine/Stay Puft/Action Team) is excited to be performing in her first Roundhouse Production.  Having worked as a puppeteer and mask-maker in the past, she is thrilled to have been given the chance to nerd out once again.  Other puppeteer/mask credits include Little Triggers (The Ruckus), Woyzeck (BoarsHead Theater in Lansing), and Medea (The Dungeon in Kalamazoo).  Acting Credits include Escape from the Haltsburg Boy's Choir (The Ruckus) and Phenomenon of Decline (Gorilla Tango).  She hopes that you enjoy the show and that the performances live up to your expectations!

Vivian Knouse (Marla/DeLoreon/Gozer)  is excited to be in her first production with Roundhouse. Previously, she studied at Northern Illinois University and the Moscow Art Theater School. In her spare time, she enjoys destroying cities and having her oil changed.

Whitney LaMora (Dutch/Lorraine/New Woman/Action Team) is thrilled to be back in her third Roundhouse Production. You may recognize her previously as Ms. Blonde (Reservoir Dogs) or Combat Witch (Macbeth). In Chicago, she's appeared in other such companies as Fury Theatre Company (Shakespeare All Stars!), The Pub Theatre (Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play), EP Theatre (Baal), and Brikenbrak Theatre (The Samaritan Syndrome) among others. Thanks to Roundhouse for continually letting me kick ass in your shows, and to my fellow actors for making "work" a hell of a lot of fun. For D, as always.

Jay Berger (Marty/Trainer/Ray/Brody) is an actor.  He has never time traveled, but has been bothered by strange noises in the middle of the night.  Respect the octopus.

Joseph Ramski (Johnny/Biff/Mickey/Tyler/Sheilmann/Giant Nazi) is super pumped to make another awesome show with Roundhouse Productions! Past Chicago credits include State Theatre's A Crowded House: An Explosion of The Winter's Tale, Arc Theatre's The Merry Wives of Windsor, Roundhouse's Macbeth, and the self-produced Amitree. He will next be seen in The Right Brain Project's productions of Marat/Sade and Titus Andronicus and in Theatre For People Who Need It's Rough Magic. Joseph also recently self-published the art/story/poetry book VS//URBAN_VERSES, inspired by Chicago. Thanks to my ever-patient mother, father, sister, and friends; I am Jack's overwhelming gratitude.

Dean Beever (Director/Daniel/George/Mayhem Trio/Walter Peck/Indy) went to Bradley University where he majored in Music and minored in Theatre. There, he worked as a lab assistant under Dr. Thomas Light. Another assistant, Dr. Albert Wily, snuck in one night and stole Dr. Light's plans for 6 powerful robots. Dean volunteered to be transformed into a battle robot and foiled the evil doctor's plans. Even now, Dean continues to fight for everlasting piece against the nefarious Dr. Wily and his army of Robot Masters. He also works at the Unicorn Cafe in Evanston.

Krista Reeves (Stage Manager) Is ecstatic to be working on her second show with Roundhouse Productions.  She is a graduate of Knox College where she majored in Theatre. She most recently worked as stage manager for Roundhouse’s Reservoir Dogs as well as The Young Actors Ensemble in Skokie, IL on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Charlotte’s Web.  She would like to thank the fantastic cast and crew for hanging in there through all the crazy.

Mr. Dru Silva (Bobby/Jack/Nazi) is new to Chicago, born and raised in the southeast corner of Kansas (not in a town, but out in a field somewhere, and yes he knows all the characters from The Wizard of Oz personally).  He has a BFA in Acting from Stephens College in Columbia, MO and couldn't be more excited to have his first theatrical performance with Roundhouse.  Thanks go out to Brandon P.T. Davis and the new family/friends at Roundhouse.  Cheers and enjoy!!!

Jack Sharkey (Kreese/Doc Brown/Jergens/Mayhem Trio/Igon/Belloq/Fight Captain) is not actually an actor.  He is an unlucky guy that bonked his head whilst trying to hang lights.  Although since his psychosis is such that he believes himself to be various characters from iconic films gathering dust in your VCR, Roundhouse decided to cast him anyway.  He hopes to see you at Roundhouse's next production, which will involve singing and a creature obsessed with killing muscular men covered in baby oil.

Nathanael Card (Director) The hardest task Nathanael Card has ever faced was growing up. The second hardest was choosing the lines that would make the cut in his 10-minute staged tribute to Fight Club. In October, he will direct a world-premier action play - 3Halos - set to the music of Nine Inch Nails. He is a cusp Sagittarius, and his dog's name is Sancho Panza. NateCard.blogspot.com

Cody Evans (Director/Rocky/Venkman/Belzig) grew up in the northern regions of spain where he worked at a beet farmer with his father before coming to America. After studying law and taking his love of bird watching to the next level he was offered a small role in the stage adaptation HOW STELLA GOT HER GROOVE BACK. Soon after Cody was bitten by the acting bug and decided a career in non-equity was a right up the former beet farmers alley.

Giuseppe A. Ribaudo (Mr. Miyagi/Paulie/Mayhem Trio/Sallah) Fresh off a year at the Milwaukee Rep, where he played such characters as a German man, Giuseppe is very excited to be a part of his first Roundhouse show, where he plays someone Egyptian, someone Japanese, and someone fat. Love to friends, family, and Kelly Clarkson.

Brittany Ellis (Director/Dana/Adrian) You last saw Brittany punching her friends in the face in Roundhouse's Production of Reservoir Dogs as Ms. White. This show has proven to be a mighty challenge in many ways, and she's thrilled it's actually
happening. She'll next be seen in Right Brain Project's Marat Sade this summer, and Titus Andronicus later this year. Snakes. Why did it `have to be snakes?

Ashley Yates (Marion/Action Team/Ring Girl) is thrilled to be a part of yet another film on stage (or films in this case) with the Roundhouse crew! She wants to thank all of them for making this possible and Brittany, Ally and Cody for bringing her back for yet another adventure! This show has everything you could want from sexy cars to ghosts to asps, boxing and bitch tits. Hold on to your hats, kids. It's about to get cinematic up in here. Thanks for coming! Xoxo!

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