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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Auditions for Roundhouse Producitons' fall show - 3HALOS

Production Title:  3HALOS

Non-equity Audition. 

Pay: yes. 

May 19th, Noon-3pm; email for location
May 21st, 7pm-9 (possible callback)

[retold|reznor] and Roundhouse Productions are pleased to announce fighter auditions for our upcoming original graphic novel, live production, and indie film - 3HALOS. 

3HALOS is a 90-minute coup d'etat against global bureaucracy, misogyny and abused technology; set in Chicago, circa 2042; backed on stage by peripheral-encompassing projections and set to remixed tracks from NIN's Ghosts i-iv and The Slip

We are casting MEN and WOMEN for the graphic novel, and for the live show/film. Any actor cast in the live production should have an interest in getting in the best shape of their life, they will be expected to attend company-funded physical training and fight calls over the summer, which may include a commitment to adjusting your diet. 

We are only seeing actors with confident hand-to-hand stage combat experience, or equally confident experience in movement, martial arts, and/or dance. Actors without this experience will not be considered. If you are interested in being considered for this production, please submit the following (retoldreznor@gmail.com):

> 2 photos - a full-body, and a head shot 
> An example of your stage combat/martial art/dance experience (resume, video reel, bar napkin, whatever.)
> any major scheduling conflicts from July-December (commitments only)
> your favorite 3 action/sci-fi films

We will respond confirming your spot in our fight call, including additional audition information; i.e. location, what to wear, what to bring, how to prepare, etc. 
You have seen the men and women of Roundhouse Productions in the past acclaimed and extended productions of Point Break, Live! - ChicagoPredator the Musical, and the all-female Reservoir Dogs: a Judas in our Midst

Ghosts and The Slip are both available for free download (NIN.com)

3HALOS is a [retold|reznor] experience (retoldreznor.com)

Time Commitment:
Physical training and fight calls over the summer (July-Sept). Rehearsals begin in September. Show opens in October. At least 4 wk run, open run expected. 

Contact Email: retoldreznor@gmail.com

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